For the love of food
We LOVE good food and drink, especially when made and shared outdoors.  We will be sharing our favorite recipes and outdoor cooking techniques here so scroll down to check out some recipes and tips.  Click on our blog posts below related to cooking:


Keep it simple, fresh, seasonal and delicious.

When thinking up recipes for our camping adventures we try and stick with simple yet delishous recipes that utilize in season produce when available.  Recently we blew our festival neighboors away when we grilled fresh figs, stuffeed them with cheese and drizzled them with a balsalmic galze.  It is super easy with only a few ingredients easily found in any grocery store.  Click the download buttom to get the recipe.
Grilled Fresh Figs with Cheese and Balsalmic Glaze Recipe

Feeding a Crowd

We, on occasion, find ourselves feeding a fairly large group of people.  From rafting to camping trips we rely on our dutch ovens to get the job done.  Anything you can cook in a conventional oven you can cook in a dutch oven which opens up a lot of possibilites.

We offered to cook for 40-50 people at the Colorado Vanlife Gathering in August 2016.  It was our way of saying thank you to the community who, through social media, has helped us through our own van journey.  If it wasn't for learning from others successes and failures we would still be fumbling through the process. 

Originally we had planned on cooking dutch oven lasagna but when we found out how many people were attending we opted for a baked pasta dish instead.  We love lasagna but portioning out and serving it can be a challange with such a large group. 

We did two versions of the baked pasta dish.  One had Italian sausage and the other a mushroom base for the vegetarians.  Both had a yummy red wine sauce. 

Check out the recipe below for both versions.
Dutch Oven Baked Pasta with Red Wine Sauce Recipe
More Outdoor Recipes:
Click on the download buttons for printable versions of some of our favorite outdoor recipes (updated often).
Dutch Oven Sun Dried Tomato and Spinach Bake